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mizya's LJ
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21st-Nov-2009 01:57 pm - [sticky post] This journal is...
starrysky kazuki blush

January 2014 onwards: I'm terribly sorry about the possible ads. Because LJ has been very inconsistent as of late, I no longer feel like paying them. So, instead of a paid account I am stuck with a plus, which unfortunately includes ads. I use adblock and don't see any changes, so hopefully you won't either... but just in case there are ads: I'm sorry.

This is my personal journal. I write about myself and my interests such as manga, anime, music, tv series, movies and games. I occasionally ramble on about my studies, sewing, food and all things random. I'm obsessed with certain seiyuus, musicians and actors. I don't filter my journal so you need to be prepared to skip the things you may not be too thrilled to hear about.

Since I write about myself, I don't feel comfortable with complete strangers reading my entries. So if I know you from somewhere, do let me know. There's a very low chance of me adding to you my list if I don't know you at all or if we have nothing in common.

But yeah, drop a comment if you want to be on the list and I'll think about it.

For photos of my Asian ball-jointed dolls, I'd recommend watching me on DeviantArt or flickr or following my doll blog. This journal doesn't have much to do with dolls these days.
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